We believe that our competitive strengths include, among other things:

Industry Leading Revenue Growth.

Gold Royalty boasts a 60% compound annual growth rate in Revenue between 2022 and 2024 based on analyst consensus estimates. This peer leading revenue and free cash flow growth profile will support the reliability and growth of shareholder dividends.

Portfolio Quality and Balance.

Our royalty portfolio is anchored in the best mining jurisdictions in the world, on tier one assets operated by the largest mining companies in the world. This focus on high-quality, long-life assets in safe jurisdictions supports decades of reliable and growing cash flows.

Experienced Team with a Proven Track Record in Mining.

Led by our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, David Garofalo, our management team, board of directors and advisory board have over 400 years of combined experience in the mining sector, including key expertise in exploration, development and operational areas, along with important capital markets acumen and extensive networks. This enhances our ability to execute on opportunities and makes us an attractive partner to potential royalty and stream counterparties.

Lean but Scalable Operating Structure

Our lean operating profile allows us to operate with a low-cost structure, while maintaining the flexibility to rapidly assess and respond to new investment opportunities. We leverage external expertise when appropriate, which gives us the ability to expand our technical and geographic footprint well outside of our internal resources and maintain a high level of confidence that a comprehensive range of opportunities are evaluated to meet our objectives and long-term strategy.